Friday, December 30, 2005

Is dorky the new sexy?

Sagan was, simply speaking, sexy, in a sense that transcends mere sexuality.
—Keay Davidson, Carl Sagan: A Life, p. 264

In perusing the Wired News list of "2005's 10 Sexiest Geeks", I noticed that my friend and dorkbot instigator douglas irving repetto was on the list!
Some people say the term "sexy geek" is an oxymoron. Here at Wired News, we say it's redundant.
I don't know who nominated doug, but my guess is Xeni Jardin (herself a pretty sexy geek), who's listed as a suggester for the article, based on the boingboing team's contact with dorkbot (such as David Pescovitz's MAKE article and several bb posts).

See also my previous post about dorkbot's 5th anniversary. The dorkbot map (which I started) is growing at a rapid rate, with 45 members so far.

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