Daily Dracula

"I will be updating Dino Drac’s Daily Halloween Thing every single day between now and 10/31. It’s basically a blog-within-a-blog." And I'll be updating  this  blog, and not only to blog about other blogs (or wheels within wheels of blogging about blogging ).

Two Months of Daily Blogger?

Nice to see I-Mockery  get redecorated  for its annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration.  And I'm going to see how many days I can keep up Halloween-related posts, even if they won't be all my posts even tangentially like they were on that site's  Daily Blabber Blog  (even during the many times it wasn't quite daily).

Who Said This?

"For after all, the struggle for American independence is typical of the continuing fight for human liberty everywhere in the world."

I'm Gonna Take Me Drac to the Past

I was inspired to try a move from this BlogSpot blog to WordPress by a webmaster who made a similar move to a new website  a decade ago today . That didn't get me to blog much more than I was already barely blogging.  But if I am going to have a personal blog, it might as well be back here. So here I am.

I Didn't Totally Blow the Months Off, Either

I thought I'd take less than two months be blogging here in 2022, but I have been sending in my monthly op-ed commentary pieces to the  William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism  (this month's is on its way later this week) for my editor Thomas L. Knapp, for whom blogging less than once a day is partially blowing the month off.

More Troubles, More Twitter

 A decade ago today, I joined Twitter. Then I waited a month of "figuring out how to use it" to blog about joining Twitter. Then I spent a couple years neglecting blogging while figuring out how to use Twitter. Then I spent more years neglecting both blogging and Twitter. Sometimes on Facebook, sometimes just not posting much online at all. But I'm still here... and there .

Man in Black Smart (Queen of Queens Smarter)

While tickets are available for the Queens Drive-In's screening of Men in Black, I may as well blog my letter to the editor  from back in April about the cosmic classic, and how the real-world Queens borough hopefully is more exemplary of its populism than its simultaneous distrust of the populace.