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Mother Knows Bester

What, me patriarch? "Even in Pleasantville, there was more to life than Pleasantville," as Jesse Walker noted, but there was even more among the undead in Mockingbird Heights: "Herman, as head of the house, I think you should get to the bottom of this. Now, you go right on upstairs and have a father-and-son talk with your boy." "Well, gosh, Lily, I'm not very good at that, y'know, dear. You're his mother. Why don't you  go up and have a father-and-son talk with him?" "No! A think like that is up to the father !" Anyone who's watched Father Knows Best  for nine years ought to know that." "All right. But Donna Reed always handles these things on her show, y'know." (Eddie's parents in the Munsters episode "Operation Herman")