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Hidden Treasure: The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre

The first of an upcoming series of Joel’s overlooked personal favorite places, events and other things that should be better known. What is it? A palatial movie theater. Where is it hidden? In Jersey City, New Jersey. Why is it a treasure? The screen is huuuge .  Like, very huge.  That-aquatic-dinosaur-in- Jurassic World -that-dwarfs-a-whale huge.  While some IMAX and similar screens may be larger, the sheer feeling of an entire building devoted to one humongous screen is like nowhere else. Popcorn and drinks are a dollar each. With tickets usually going for $8 (less for double or triple features!), there’s no better value for a dropped Hamilton. The building is unique and historic. It dates back to 1929!  Built just before the stock market crash, the last pre-Great Derpession moment when lavish building for a mass audience was economically feasible, it maintains much of its original style.  Much of the facade still needs fixing up from decades of di

Is this thing still on?

It's been a while. This blog was never updated on a daily basis even in its early heyday, but it trailed off in a major way.  Some of this is due to Twitter and then Facebook, and my attempted clean break to Wordpress  was unsuccessful in starting new momentum where the old had stopped. But I've been craving a return to the old-school blogosphere from the maelstrom of gossip and trivia and venting that is social media.  That's where everyone seems to be nowadays, but some of my fellow bloggers who started around the time I did, like Tom Knapp , have kept at personal blogging with a regular if relatively small readership, so it can be done. And I was sick through most of May, so any attempt at doing a whole month of writing would have to wait. So in a new month, here I am.  Are you?


My challenge to myself this month: how much can I write, including but not limited to this blog, in the shortest month of the year?