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New Girl & dorkbot-nyc: a comparison

New Girl:  This week is the second week of its second season. dorkbot:  This week is the second meeting of its 0x0cth season . New Girl: Adorkable. dorkbot: Adorkable. New Girl: Has a theme song written by Jess. dorkbot:  Has many theme songs written by dorkbots . New Girl: Rocks a lot of polka dots. dorkbot:  Rocks a lot of  pen plots . New Girl: Stars the pinup of williamsburg . dorkbot:  Created by a top 10 sexy geek . New Girl: Has inspired many animated GIFs. dorkbot:  Has a BLINK tag on the front page .

Modern School Reunion 2012

This Saturday, the Friends of the Modern School is having its 40th annual reunion  at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey to commemorate a unique anarchist educational experiment and utopian community.  This event may be of interest to those in the New Jersey/New York State area interested in alternative education, anarchist history, utopian intentional communities, and/or freethought. I've written more on the general background of the Modern School here and all of the coverage of the Modern School on this blog is here .

I'm back!

After a long stretch of tapering posting quantity followed by inactivity, I'm finally returning to regular blogging. For now, I'll be posting at this location, though I am considering a move, but I intend to post on a regular basis. It's a very different online world from when I started this blog in 2005, less blog-centric but much larger, and it's a good time to start afresh.

Big Trouble in Little China midnight movie screening this weekend in NYC

This weekend, NYC's IFC Center is showing John Carpenter's cult favorite Big Trouble in Little China at midnight on Friday and Saturday as part of a series of Carpenter midnight screenings.  And an item on the screenings is currently running as the top front page news item at the Big Trouble in Little China fansite The Wing Kong Exchange as a result of "BTLC fan Joel" sending it in!