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Modern School Reunion 2012

This Saturday, the Friends of the Modern School is having its 40th annual reunion  at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey to commemorate a unique anarchist educational experiment and utopian community.  This event may be of interest to those in the New Jersey/New York State area interested in alternative education, anarchist history, utopian intentional communities, and/or freethought. I've written more on the general background of the Modern School here and all of the coverage of the Modern School on this blog is here .

I'm back!

After a long stretch of tapering posting quantity followed by inactivity, I'm finally returning to regular blogging. For now, I'll be posting at this location, though I am considering a move, but I intend to post on a regular basis. It's a very different online world from when I started this blog in 2005, less blog-centric but much larger, and it's a good time to start afresh.