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Time Warner's The Earth Day Special (1990)

Earth Day may be unrivaled among holidays in the nobility of its sentiment, but when it comes to pop culture, its impact is somewhat lacking. Even Arbor Day has an associated Charlie Brown special , but Earth Day? Well, maybe not quite. Back in 1990, the holiday took quite a bite out of pop culture in a celebrity-packed video tribute produced and presented by Time Warner. When I found an old VHS copy of the special, the back cover blurb made it an imperative to check out: A fun-packed salute that makes a world of difference. The biggest stars of the '90s take on the biggest story of the '90s in this informative blend of entertainment and cause. Rich in comedy, song and reports on the state of the planet, The Earth Day Special captures the excitement and commitment of Earth Day 1990 — and shares tips everyone can use to help solve the most urgent crisis the world faces today. Mother Earth (Bette Midler) is ailing and it's up to folks in Anytown USA to help her recover.