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dorkbot-nyc may 2007 flyer

Next Wednesday evening, dorkbot-nyc will have its May 2007 meeting (the last until next fall). Douglas Irving Repetto has put up a flyer I made for the occasion. Also, he's posted photos I took at the December 2006 and January 2007 meetings. I'm also using this occasion to kick off something I've been meaning to add to this blog for a while: an "upcoming events" section in the sidebar. For now, I'll be maintaining this manually (let's hope it stays reasonably current), but if I figure out a way to automate it, I'll do so.

new ETFF transcripts: Gerrold and Price

Science fiction is the most subversive of all literary genres. You can get away with stuff in science fiction that you can't get away with anywhere else, because half the time, the people you are holding up to the light don't even realize that you're doing it. —David Gerrold Three new transcripts I did have been added to the Equal Time for Freethought archives . David Gerrold interview with Barry F. Seidman, August 7, 2005 This is an informal chat with the renowned science fiction writer, touching on his experience with Star Trek , and his novels such as The Man Who Folded Himself , When H.A.R.L.I.E Was One , the War Against the Chtorr series, and The Martian Child , together with his real-life parenting experiences that formed the inspiration for the novel. As it so happens, the latter is the basis for a movie that's coming out this June. I wrote about this show when it first aired, in one of the earliest posts ever on this blog . two Robert M. Price interviews wit

more Sagan stuff

Last week, The Ithaca Times ran a great new Sagan-related article by Larry Klaes, "An Organizational Voyage" (Klaes also kindly reposted the article in the comments section of this blog, as well as on Celebrating Sagan ). It centers on Sagan fan Patrick Fish's efforts to plan an upcoming Sagan Gathering to coincide with the late May/early June Ithaca Festival . The article also touches on how Pat was influenced by Sagan (he's one of the Cosmos Premiere Generation); and describes Pat's trip to Sagan's gravesite, documented further on Pat's YouTube page . At the site, Pat found two articles from last December, both also by Klaes, that somebody left there and which were preserved in the snow: "Bloggers remember Sagan" from the Ithaca Times , about the blog-a-thon I initiated; and "Sagan and the Scientific Experience" from Tompinks Weekly , about the Varieties of Scientific Experience book. It's hard to express how touched and