The Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon Meta-Post

Today is the tenth anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing, and as I promised in my original announcement, here is my promised meta-post for the Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-Thon with a gigantic list of participating blog posts.

I've been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of responses, so it's still incomplete. While I will be updating this list repeatedly, if I've missed your post, you can email or post a comment. Also, note that it's fine to post after the 20th.

Sagan's wife and collaborator Ann Druyan has started off her new blog today with the post Ten Times Around The Sun Without Carl, while his son Nick Sagan has posted his memories of his dad and his official blog-a-thon welcome following his posts here, here, here, and here. And Louis Friedman, who along with Sagan was one of the founders of the Planetary Society, has posted his memories of Sagan at the Planetary Society Blog.

The new website Celebrating Sagan has gathered a staggering amount of material. It's focused on user contributions, which may be useful if you don't have a blog but have something to say.

The blog-a-thon has been covered at The Ithaca Journal, Cornell's Chronicle Online, MSNBC, USA Today, The Syracuse Post-Standard, and China News Daily.

I've posted my own memories of Stephen Jay Gould.

A big thanks to everybody who participated! Also, thanks to Hell on Frisco Bay for providing the inspiration and model for this blog-a-thon, with a blog-a-thon for the centennial of the birth of Warner Bros. animator Friz Freleng here and here.

And now, the big list:
  1. Action Skeptics
  2. agnostic oracle
  3. Airminded
  4. Alan Boyle @ Cosmic Log
  5. all about nothing
  6. amazing adventures of a Mexican lost in the UK
  7. Angry Chad
  8. Anonymous Blogger
  9. Another Monkey
  11. astropoet
  12. The Atari Thief
  13. The Atheist Experience
  14. AXINAR
  15. B and B
  16. The Bean Mines
  17. Bill Humphries @ More Like This WebLog
  18. A Blog Around the Clock
  19. Blogging Brande
  20. Blogsam and Jetsam
  21. Bob Glickstein @ gee bobg
  22. bodhisattva mama
  23. bOING bOING
  24. Bondknowledge
  25. box of nailsannouncement
  26. Bram Boroson
  27. Bread and Circuses
  28. Brent Rasmussen @ Unscrewing the Inscrutable
  29. Brian Fies @ Mom's Cancer Blog
  30. Brian Flemming
  31. Brianna @ Random Access Babble
  32. Byzantium's Shores
  33. candleblog
  34. Carbonfish
  35. Categorical Aperitif
  36. Centauri Dreams
  37. Chiva Congelado @ Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.
  38. Chris Darwin @ CAS News
  39. Chris Hallquist @ The Uncredible Hallq
  40. Cigarettes and Coffee
  41. Clinky the Boy Robot
  42. Cocktail Party Physics
  43. cognitive dissident
  44. Comics Comics
  45. Cornell Mushroom Blog
  46. Cosmic Log
  47. Cowboy Office: Look Again at that Dot
  48. Coyote Mercury
  49. Cumbrian Sky
  50. Daniel Fischer
  51. Darwin's Dagger: The Dragon in My Garage
  52. dr. dave @ second order approximation...
  53. Dave Pearson @ davep's astronomy
  54. DeafScribe
  55. Dean W. Armstrong
  56. Decrepit Old Fool
  57. Deep Sea News
  58. De Magno Opere
  59. Denise @ Fast Times at Homeschool High
  60. Dick Stafford @ Dick's Rocket Dungeonannouncement
  61. DocBug
  62. Donald Ritchie @ blather blog
  63. dr. dave @ second order approximation...
  65. Dubhsidhe Studios
  66. Elayne Riggs
  67. Eric Baerren @ among the trees
  68. The Esoteric Science Resource Center: here, here, and here
  69. Essentialsaltes
  70. The Evil Eyebrow
  71. Ex Patria
  72. Extended Phenotype here, here, and here
  73. forcarl
  74. Frank Wu
  75. Freyburg
  76. Full Frontal Skepticism
  77. Garrett Fitzgerald
  78. geek counterpoint
  79. Getting Things Done in Academia
  80. Glen McKay @ Skeptic in Qatar
  81. the gookins dot net
  82. Govar; also pre-blog-a-thon here
  83. The Greenbelt
  84. Hal Rager @ blivet 2.0
  85. Hanging By My Tale: Sagan in 100, non-repeated words
  86. Hate Life, Will Travel
  87. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: interview with Jerry Lieberman about the Carl Sagan Academyannouncement
  88. Hoshichan
  89. Humanaturalism
  90. hyper-textual ontology
  91. The Indigestible
  92. It's All Just a Bunch of Rhubarb
  93. Ivory Sanctuary
  94. J. Alan Erwine
  95. James Curbo's Weblog
  96. James Hrynyshyn @ The Island of Doubt
  97. James Nicoll
  98. Jane Shevtsov @ Perceiving Wholes
  99. jason @ xenogere
  100. Jason Bennion @ Simple Tricks and Nonsense
  101. Javier Pazos @ The Science Pundit
  102. J. Carter Wood @ Obscene Desserts
  103. Jeff Clark @ Neoformix
  104. Jessica Beagan @ Icon
  105. Jewish Atheist
  106. Joe Decker @ Pictures at an Exhibitionist
  107. Joe Shelby @ Dude! Joe's Jottings, Mostly Junk
  108. John J. McKay
  109. John Pieret @ Thoughts in a Haystack
  110. John Pritzlaff
  111. John Scalzi @ Whatever
  112. jokermage
  113. Jonathan Korman @ Miniver Cheevy
  114. Joseph Bloch @ Posthumanity Rising
  115. Joseph Von Hoven @ Complicated Visionary
  116. JTony.Com
  117. Kali Amanda Browne @ Kali's Temple of Doom: here and here
  118. Kat Minnaar
  119. Kellie Hazell @ Me, My Muse, and Iannouncement
  120. Kelly Garbato
  121. Ke Nan (author of the China News Daily story)
  122. The Kentucky Mountain Girl News
  123. Kevin @ The Public Me
  124. Kevin Doxstater @ Natural Visions here and here
  125. Kip Esquire @ A Stitch in Haste
  126. knobody
  127. Kratzen vom Rathaus
  128. Kuwaiti Demon
  129. Lars J. Nilsson @ The Ironism
  130. the last visible blog
  131. Laura Woodmansee
  132. Laurel & Hardy
  133. Laurence A. Moran @ Sandwalk
  134. Lauren McLaughlin @ Liquid Logic
  135. Lean Left
  136. LoLife
  137. The Lone Raver
  138. Lost in Translation
  139. Lunar Obverse here, here, here, and here
  140. man descending
  141. Marva Dasef
  142. Matt Arnold
  143. Matt Dinniman @ Fireflies in the Cloud
  144. Matt Dowling @ Ontogeny
  145. Matt Metcalf @ Sufficiently Advanced
  146. Melinda Wenner @ She Blinded Me With Science!
  147. Merrie Haskell @ A Writer's Paradise
  148. Mez @ Hello Cruel World
  149. Michael Hiebert @ my new cardboard box
  150. Middle America Progressive
  151. Migrations
  152. Morrow Planet
  153. Mostly Dogs
  154. Musical Perceptions
  155. Music of the Spheres
  156. Neil McDonnell @ Neil's Comments
  157. NetCogito
  158. The Neurophilosopher’s weblog
  159. Nik's Saga
  160. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  161. Ouroboros
  162. Paper Cranium
  163. Paul Fidalgo , mirrored here
  164. Paul Levinson here and here
  165. Paul Vallee
  166. Perfect Duluth Day
  167. Phil Plait @ Bad Astronomy Blog: What I Learned from Carl Saganannouncement
  168. Phil Smith @ Astrazoic
  169. Physics Blog
  170. pinstripe_bindi
  171. Podcasting News
  172. Purpletigron
  173. P. Z. Myers @ Pharyngula
  174. Quartz City
  175. randall
  176. red right hand
  177. Respectful Insolence; also Carl Sagan Skeptic's Circle
  178. Rich Blundell @ Omniscopic
  179. Ritchie Annand @ Output Stream of Consciousness
  180. Robespierre @ Plantimal Express
  181. Ruben Martinez @ Automatic human behavior
  182. Sam Harrelson
  183. ScienceBase
  184. Seed Magazine's Daily Zeitgeist
  185. ShanMonster
  186. Shaun Cronin @ Larvatus Prodeo
  187. Silmaril
  188. skepchick
  189. Skeptic Friends Network forum thread
  190. Slacker Astronomy
  191. The SpaceWriter
  192. Stephen Frug @ Attempts
  193. Steve Gimbel @ Philosophers' Playground
  194. Steve Lacey @ Random Thoughts
  195. Steve Novoselac
  196. Summer Snow
  197. Susan A. Kitchens @ 2020 Hindsight
  198. Swank Chambers
  199. Sylvain Duford
  200. Tangled Up In Blue Guy
  201. Teacher Dude
  202. Things I Find Important
  203. ThinkingMeat
  204. Thomas Fortenberry
  205. Thomma Lyn @ Tennessee Text Wrestling here, here, and here
  206. Thy Fearful Symmetry
  207. timeladyannouncement
  208. TimeTunnel
  209. Tits McGee
  210. Tobias Buckell here and here
  211. Today in Alternate History
  212. too many tribbles
  213. too much time on his hands...
  214. t3knomanser
  215. Universe Today
  216. Wandering Space
  217. Wilfred Drew @ Baby Boomer Librarian
  218. Wil Wheaton
  219. Wis[s]e Words
  220. witches and scientists here and here
  221. wongaBlog
  222. Yet another timesink
  223. Zeno @ Halfway There: The Unknown Sagan, also here
  224. Zeolite @ Blurp

Posts in other languages:

  1. El friki català
  1. Remainder Book
  1. Astroblogs
  2. Tomaso @ de Volkskrant
  3. Sereniteit
  1. L'Agence Science-Presse
  2. Culture des futurs
  1. andy69
  1. Amedeo Balbi @ Keplero
  1. O Bule Orbital
  2. Helder Sanches
  3. A Lâmpada Mágica
  4. Liberdade na era tecnológica
  5. Olho e meio
  6. Que Treta / That's BS! (Portugese and English)
  7. Random Precision
  8. Roberto Tietzmann @ Bloquinho de notas
  1. Клуб научных журналистов
  1. AutomaticJack
  2. La Biblioteca de Babel
  3. big logger
  4. Ciencia de bolsillo
  5. Culo de Mal Asiento
  6. El contemplador azul
  7. David Garcia Perez
  8. En la Espera
  9. La Habitacion Cerrada
  10. Mendigo
  11. El paraíso de los gansos
  12. Por la Boca Muere el Pez
  13. pospost
  14. Punto Tecnologico
  15. Quiero mi Bocadillo
  16. Refugio Antiaéreo
  17. RomRod
  18. TauZero
  19. Tierra Chunga
  20. trackrecord
  21. Zooglea


Phil Smith said…
Awesome! Thanks for doing this, Joel.
Glen McKay said…
Thanks for this, you can add my blog too:

I've talked to a couple of astronomers here in Qatar and both of them had read Carl's work as well!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the list, you may add my humble link if time permits:
Kellie said…
Thanks for taking the time to suggest this and compile and update the list. I can tell I won't be getting any work done today.

By the way, here's link to the actual blog-a-thon post:

I've edited the post you linked in the meta to have a link to today's entry, that way people can find it without your having to update the list unless you have a moment to do so.

Thanks again.
Zeno said…
A wonderful compilation of tributes and reminiscences. Well done, and highly worthwhile!

Thanks for putting it all together.
Anonymous said…
Missed getting included myself; here's my own little memoir.
Jewish Atheist said…
Thanks for putting this together! What a great tribute.

Here's my Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-Thon Post.
Anonymous said…

Great idea for a blog-a-thon. It's amazing to see how many bloggers got inspired by Sagan.

We've posted our Five Reasons to Remember Carl Sagan and linked it to this post.

Thanks for leading this!
bowerr said…
Thanks for doing this Joel, Sagan was a great writer that people should continue to read.
Matt Metcalf said…
Please add my blog to your list:

Thanks, Joel
Anonymous said…
My entry is here.

-- Joe Shelby
Anonymous said…
My entry is here, humble as it is. Thanks so much for doing this!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful idea, thanks for doing this. I added a memory of Carl from 1980 in my journal here:
KipEsquire said…
Here's my contribution:
Anonymous said…
I also participated and commented but didn't make it to the list. Celebrating Sagan at Fast Times @ Homeschool High
My contribution:

Carl Sagan, promoter of skepticism and wonder (a review of Sagan's book The Demon Haunted World).
Anonymous said…
I wrote about our dear Sagan.
CCP said…
I sent my link last night, but it must have gotten lost in the ether. Here's my entry in the blogathon:

Carl Sagan
Greco said…
Three of the "Spanish" posts are in Portuguese.
Anonymous said…
This is fantastic and you can add my post:
Jane Shevtsov said…
Here's my contribution to the blogathon:
Anonymous said…
I don't have much to say. But nevertheless. What little I've got can be found here.
Lara said…
Thank you so much for pulling all this together Joel!

I've added my rambling thoughts on Sagan here:
Anonymous said…
My entry is here.
Anonymous said…
I think this is a fantastic project (I heard about it via it appearing number 2 on Technorati), a brilliant way to honour the memory of one our species brightest minds.

My small contribution:
Anonymous said…
My wee contribution:
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to add my contribution to the big list. I'm new to your blog, but thought this was a great idea and couldn't pass it up. My post is here. Thanks!

Ludwig Krippahl said…
Thanks for organizing this, Joel. I just have a tiny complaint: my Que Treta! blog is in Portuguese, not in Spanish. I guess it's all the same to you guys, but for us it makes a difference :)

Best wishes
Anonymous said…
Participant of Carl Sagan blog-a-thon.
Anonymous said…
Add Cocktail Party Physics to the list:
Anonymous said…
Sorry - finger-tied!
rmcantin said…
My little contribution:
Anonymous said…
Thanks for doing this - my post can be found here: Remembering Carl Sagan
Anonymous said…
Hi, add my post to list
Carl Sagan vive, in spanish.

Brian Darr said…
What a wonderful idea for a blog and for a blog-a-thon, Joel! One of my biggest obsessions prior to my current one of film was "amateur" astronomy, and Sagan was an unquantifiable influence on my interest in it. I wish I had time to contribute with a post merging the two interests (perhaps on Contact, which I've long been wanting to revisit) today. But I'm tickled to pieces that my Friz Freleng tribute earlier this year in some small way helped to inspire this outpouring of wonderful writing on another very worthy man.
FlyingSinger said…
And here's one more Sagan tribute:
Anonymous said…
One more...
Tits McGee said…
This is so great, and I was delighted to participate.

Thank you for creating the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Sagan's substantial contributions to science and humanity.
John McKay said…
Mine might be one of the lamest contributions to the Sagan blog-o-thon, but at least I did get it in on the correct day.
chad said…
Not yet bill yuns and bill yuns, but this is only ten years. Let's think ahead to greater orders of magnitude.
Anonymous said…
The Cornell Mushroom Blog chimed in too:
Govar said…
Great effort. Just sent you a mail on this regard.
Anonymous said…
Hey there,

Don't know if I'm too late, but here's my blog post about Carl Sagan:

Thanks for reminding me of the anniversary of his death. It almost slipped by in the holiday rush, and that would have been horrible.

My son was named after Carl, and was born only a few weeks before his death.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for doing this, Joel! If you get a minute, my link is here:

A couple more entries in French :

one from Culture des futurs

one from the scientific culture blog at the Agence Science-Presse
Anonymous said…
Okay, it's not exactly a blog, but it is a song written about/inspired by the great man:

Carl Sagan, by the Boneless Children Foundation.

Anonymous said…
Here's my blog entry on Carl Sagan:
Denise Nader said…
Hi, I saw your post about the blogathon and I wrote a small tribute post to Sagan. I'm from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Thanks for this oportunity to write about a great man.

Heres's the link (the post's in spanish).

Kind regards.
Anonymous said…
Mi contribución...
Zarolho said…
Here's mine (in Portuguese)
Anonymous said…
I posted here:
pas said…
My contribution among the veritable army of Sagan fans:
teacher dude said…
I would be honoured if you could add my blog post to this list.
q80_demon said…
I posted a brief note and some pictures on my new (wordpress) blog.
Randy Hurst said…
I thought you would like to read comments from a theist who appreciated aspects of Sagans intellect:
Paul Levinson said…
Just wanted to post this here - a podcast The Stuff of the Cosmos to go with the blog post Carl Sagan and the Stuff of the Cosmos I wrote a few days earlier. Thank you, Joel and everyone, for doing this.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry we can to this blog late. Carl was a great man and made and impact on people lives.

It is easy to forget their impact after so many years but it was joy to be reminded by reading this blog.

Thanks again for the reminder.

Check out the new finding of the Hubble Telescope. I just create my own report (PDF) on the Hubble .. check it out
Hubble Telescope
Flavin said…
I sent an email, but I'm not sure that you noticed it.

I put up a post at .
Flavin said…
Wow, sorry. Didn't notice that this was last year's. Silly me.
Anonymous said…
This is amazing! Thanks to this, I will have plenty of reading material over the holidays. Below are my url and links to blogs I did for this event.

Peace, love and all that other good stuff…Tim

Science As a Candle in the Dark

You Are Here

Reflections on a Mote of Dust

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