Sci Fiction archive going down

I can't believe this. Last night, I stumbled upon the archive of the webzine Sci Fiction on the Sci Fi channel website for the first time — and saw that it was going to be taken down by the 15th! (The magazine ran from 2000 to 2005, but even when it stopped publishing, the archives were left up ... until now.) It's really too bad, as it has an impressive lineup of both new fiction, and classic reprints. The latter, with its truly old-school lineup of authors — Robert Bloch, Zenna Henderson, Theodore Sturgeon, William Tenn, Manly Wade Wellman — brings back a lot of memories of hunting this stuff down in musty paperbacks, including one tale (Fredric Brown's "Mouse") where I was left hanging because the ending page was actually ripped out of the book! How did this never get on my radar? Note to self: how did I never, say, Google "Allamagoosa"?

The news has been picked up by bOING bOING after I submitted the link, where Cory is understandably upset since one of his stories, "Jury Service", was published there. (Welcome, bOING bOINGers! Here's more posts on science fiction.) Hopefully this will get the word out of the SF community.


glenn becker said…
I worked at SCIFI.COM for a couple of years before getting canned. It will sound like sour grapes, but the place was already going in a bad direction in 2001, and that only continued ... so this isn't terribly surprising.
hvyTK said…
FYI... there's a way you can capture the content of the archive for your very own (see dAVE's blog post with the exact code to wget it over here. Thanks to it being text, looks like it's only 13Mb in size

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