The meta-post for the second Carl Sagan blog-a-thon

(NOTE: I will be updating this list periodically throughout the day, as I find new posts.)

Well, today's the day. On the eleventh anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing, fans from all over the world are posting about Sagan, and this post is the portal to them.

I'll keep my remarks to a minimum, since I've said most of what needs to be said already in the announcement post and last year's original meta-post. So without further ado, the list of participating posts (organized alphabetically by URL):
  1. Look out, it’s evil!: "Carl Sagan (1934-1996), In Memoriam"
  2. Allyn Gibson: "On Carl Sagan"
  3. A New Anglican's Journey: "Carl Sagan, 1934-1996"
  4. Ann Druyan at The Observatory: "20 December 2007"
  5. Astroprof's Page: "Where is today’s Cosmos?"
  6. Noch ein Blog
  7. Atheism Central: "Second Annual Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon Meta-post"
  8. Author of Confusion: "Carl Sagan"
  9. Bad Astronomy: "Sagan blogathon"
  10. Lunar Obverse: "Carl Sagan, novelist"
  11. Reflections, Ideas, and Dreams: "Cosmic Perspective"
  12. Extended Phenotype: "Carl Sagan and the 'High-Water Mark'"
  13. Tim Rambo: "My Favorite Sagan Quote, and Commentary"
  14. Sam Harrelson’s Blog: "In Memory of Carl Sagan"
  15. BlueGlowy Records: "Carl Sagan"
  16. A Room With A View: "Carl Sagan Blog-A-Thon"
  17. Centauri Dreams: "Remembering 'The Cosmic Connection'"
  18. Charles G's Blog Space: "Carl Sagan remembered 11 years later"
  19. Wheat-dogg’s world: "My personal journey with Carl Sagan"
  20. Concomitant: "Astronomy as a Means of Exploring the Numinous"
  21. Cosmic Log: "Religion vs. Science vs. Politics"
  22. And Slaters Go Plop: "Carl Sagan Memorial"
  23. Darwin's Dagger: "Carl Sagan"
  24. Just Another Deisidaimon: "Sagan and Bronowski"
  25. Depleted Cranium: "My own experience with Carl Sagan"
  26. Divers and Sundry: "Carl Sagan"
  27. John Pieret at Thoughts in a Haystack: "Real Ghosts" / "Ex Libris Veritas"
  28. The Double Bit Axe: "The Second Annual Carl Sagan Blogathon"
  29. Inane Ramblings of a Demented Predator: "Billions and Billions"
  30. Ex Astris, Scientia: "With this tool, we vanquish the impossible."
  31. Michael Hiebert @ my new cardboard box: "Carl Sagan Blog-A-Thon"
  32. James F. McGrath @ Exploring Our Matrix: "Carl Sagan Blog-A-Thon Quotes of the Day (Ann Druyan)"
  33. The Ethical Paleontologist: "So She Developed A Physics Voice"
  34. Music of the Spheres: "Sagan: Slaying Invisible Dragons, Firmly But Gently"
  35. Friendly Atheist: "Second Annual Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon Meta-post"
  36. gee bobg: "the beginning of wisdom"
  37. The Information Paradox: "Sagan: Skeptic, Scientist and Sheer Inspiration"
  38. kali's temple of doom: "Carl as an Every Day Tool of Self-Awareness"
  39. KiwiBlogBlog: "Carl Sagan"
  40. Melissa's livejournal: "Today marks the 11th anniversary of the world’s loss of Carl Sagan"
  41. My View: "Remembering Carl Sagan"
  42. The Nervous Axon: "remembering carl sagan"
  43. Nick Sagan Online: "The Humility of Science" / "Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-thon 2007"
  44. Omniscopic: "What Carl Sagan gave us"
  45. Open Parachute: "Carl Sagan"
  46. The Passionate Atheist: "Thanks Carl"
  47. The Perplexed Observer: "You Are Here" / "Science as a Candle in the Dark" / "Reflections on a Mote of Dust"
  48. Podblack Blog: "A Girl Called Ellie"
  49. quennessa's livejournal: "Pale Blue Dot"
  50. schneiderism: "Carl Sagan Was Cool"
  51. Science and Religion News: "Carl Sagan on life, death, and religion"
  52. The Spherical Influence: "Second Annual Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon"
  53. "11 years without Carl Sagan"
  54. Skeptigator: "Remembering Carl Sagan"
  55. "A Couple of Anniversaries"
  56. Blake Stacey @ Science After Sunclipse: "A True Story"
  57. Gateway Skepticism: "The Weight of a Legacy"
  58. NeuroLogica Blog: "Remembering Sagan"
  59. Jon Blumenfeld @ The Rogues Gallery: "Billions"
  60. Thilina Heenatigala @ Universe Cafe: "'star stuff contemplating star stuff': Remembering Carl Sagan"
  61. it’s about time: "The brain is like…"
  62. toomanytribbles, "blogging with carl sagan (on the other side of the pale blue dot)"
  63. Tangled Up In Blue Guy: "Sagan, Miller and Velikovsky"
  64. The Uncredible Hallq: "Review: Pale Blue Dot"
  65. Witches and Scientists: "Carl's marching orders"
Posts in Dutch:
  1. de Volkskrant: "Uitspraken van Carl Sagan"
Posts in Flemish:
  1. Sereniteit: "11e verjaardag overlijden Carl Sagan"
Posts in French:
  1. Elisabeth Piotelat: "Carl Sagan"
Posts in Spanish:
  1. La Calavera: "Persona: Carl Sagan"
  2. Cuaderno de bitácora: "Recordando a Carl Sagan"

And special thanks to all who promoted the blog-a-thon ahead of time:
  1. hyper-textual ontology: "Tomorrow - Sagan blog-a-thon"
  2. Friendly Atheist: "Second Annual Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon"
  3. The Jaded Skeptic, Odd Jack: "2nd Annual Carl Sagan blog-a-thon is coming next month"
  4. Greg Laden: "Carl Sagan Day Coming Up"
  5. PZ Myers at Pharyngula: "Sagan-a-thon"
  6. A Whore in the Temple of Reason: "Carl Sagan Blogathon"
  7. toomanytribbles: "blog-a-thon reminder" / "the second annual carl sagan memorial blog-a-thon"
  8. Tangled Up in Blue Guy: "Carl Sagan Blog Tribute Upcoming"


Anonymous said…
I sent you an e-mail announcing my blog post several days ago but perhaps you did not receive it.

Anyway, my post is in Flemish (I also participated last year) and can be found here:
Mike said…
Here is another.
or you can click my name.
Blake Stacey said…
Mine is going to be late. . . . But I did write a retrospective on last year's Sagan-a-thon which people might find interesting.
Unknown said…
A little tribute in Spanish

Persona: Carl Sagan

He'll be remembered, even in countries like México.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Joel ... I put up a post that eases into the Sagan legacy:

Cosmic Log: Science vs. religion vs. politics
Blake Stacey said…
Finally! Technical difficulties surmounted, I give you A True Story.
Podblack said… - hope this is of use. A feminist, literary attitude towards what Sagan has left us.

A Girl Called Ellie.
seanahan said…
I found out about this a little late, but I threw together some of my thoughts about the personal connection I felt with Carl Sagan, although we've never met.
Here's my contribution:
Charles G said…
Here is what I wrote.
Anonymous said…
And my contribution at the Blue Glowy Records blog:

we miss ya carl!
Robert Sim said…
Thanks for running this, it's great to read everyone's posts. Here's mine, short but sweet:
Steve Packard said…
Please include my post in which I speak of a very brief meeting I had with Dr. Sagan when I was only 13 years old. It's not that big a deal, I just said hi after a lecture he gave, but to me it was somethign I'd never forget.

Here is my blog posting:
Anonymous said…
I met Carl's work as a seminary student. He turned me into an almost instant atheist. I have since become excellent friends with his son Dorion. He has left the world a far better place, and one can only wonder how much better off our planet would be if there were more like him. I have a dedication page entitled "In memorium" that can be read at

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