It's a World, World, World, Wide Mad

When I posted last week about my commentary piece "The Madness of the Academy" I didn't know if my take on the Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film would get any attention. After some time circulating through the series of tubes, I dare say that it's more popular than the Oscar itself. It's made its way to the New Haven Register, Citizens Journal, USA Today's The Spectrum, and Counterpunch (and, via Counterpunch, to Open Mind NewsRadio Free and Bestseller Magazine).

It's even made it to the print-as-in-on-actual-newsprint opinion pages of The Register Citizen, The Middletown Press, The Daily Lobo and Salt Lake City Weekly. And no, I'm not Tom Knapp (but then again, that's what I want you to think - have you ever seen us in the same place?), but the words inadvertently credited to the guy who created The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism, wrote 99% of its content, encouraged this piece and got it ready for publication, and sent it to thousands of outlets are mine (as corrected in the online version).  And I dig Salt Lake City Weekly's cool and well-designed layout, in which a reader opening the page to those words of mine would see them in the company of Peter Yarrow, He-Man and She-Ra with beer buddies Skeletor and Orko (the Trollan's imbibing explains a lot), and even an installment of Tom Tomorrow's cartoon This Modern World!

This won't be the last op-ed I write for the Garrison Center (how many I write and how fast I write them depends on how much Tom has to pay me for them), but if there are any publications you think will be interested in running this not-yet-dated take on the Academy, let them know!


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