Troll 2 summer tour

Among bad movie fans, one particularly special favorite is the 1990 "best worst movie" Troll 2. Without the typical features that bring attention to well-known bad movies — big-name stars, a large budget, a recent release date, a showing on Mystery Science Theater 3000 — but solely on the strength of sheer badness and massive filmmaking ineptitude, it's charmed its way into a cult following, a near-permanent space on the low end of the IMDB Bottom 100 (including occasional stints all the way down at the #1 spot), and a RiffTrax.

And this summer, Troll 2 is being featured at an ongoing series of special theatrical screenings, featuring a newly rediscovered 35mm print, at cities across the United States! The next two are this weekend in Seattle, and new cities and dates are being announced. Plus, they will have a large proportion of the original cast in attendance, who are fully appreciative of the movie's badness and the strange following it's gained, who will hang out and take Q&A; and different screenings will have various other events to complete the experience.

Last fall, I was at a similar one-shot screening/cast appeareance/Q&A/party for the movie in NYC (the main difference being that the movie was screened from a DVD, before the print was discovered). It was really a hoot, from the cast, to the outrageous T-shirts and other "merchandise", to the energy of the fans. Here's some stuff that gives a taste:
  • Photos at Flickr here and here
  • video from cast member Darren Ewing
  • fan video of the Q&A session
  • fan video of George Hardy recreating a famous line at the Q&A
  • video of a fan-made mock trailer that was shown at the screening


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