Wish Arthur C. Clarke a happy 90th birthday!

We have science-fiction writers such as Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke providing cogent and brilliant summaries in nonfictional form of many aspects of science and society. — Carl Sagan, "Science Fiction — A Personal View", in Broca's Brain
The revered science fiction writer (and science popularizer/futurist, and inventor, and humanist) Arthur C. Clarke — author of 2001 (book and movie), Childhood's End, Rendezvous with Rama, "The Sentinel", "The Nine Billion Names of God", "The Star" and many others — will be turning 90 this month. To mark the occasion, Thilina Heenatigala, a friend of Clarke's and the General Secretary of the Clarke-cofounded Sri Lanka Astronomical Association has started a blog to celebrate Clarke's 90th birthday. He is sending an open invitation to all Clarke fans to post birthday wishes as blog comments for. December 16th is the special date!

Heenatigala is also a big Sagan fan: he organized a special screening of Cosmos for undergraduates last year, and was inspired by the blog-a-thon. And JHB readers will also recognize my interest in old-time science fiction as a recurring theme here — see my tribute to Jack Williamson last year — so it's a real honor to pay tribute to a living legend whose first sales, "Loophole" and "Rescue Party" (both about aliens who find the tables turned on them by clever humans) were published in 1946.


Anonymous said…
90th Birthday...that's awsome! I too am a Clarke fan.

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